Tips for telephonic interview to get a Job

Published: 18th August 2010
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Interview is the main step, which lands the candidates towards their dream job. For cracking any job opportunity, the candidates are required to clear certain steps and criteria’s, which test their capability in regards to the respective job opening. The candidates are always in search of jobs, which are of their interest and suit their personality.

In the very first step towards the achievement of the Job, the candidates are checked on their skills, which is the interview round. Earlier, interview was the last and the final round, for the job. But, now-a-days, telephonic interviews, is the prime step, towards the attainment of the job opening. In most of the renowned organisations, the candidates are first assessed on the telephone itself, on the basis of which they are called for further rounds. In fact, in many cases, candidates are finalised on the basis of telephonic interviews.

The culture of telephonic interviews has also got a boost, due to the hiring of work force form different parts of the country. To hire the best workforce, from across the world, the companies find telephonic interviews as the easiest way to avoid a clutter of candidates at their office’s reception. The telephonic interview also helps the organisation to have the face to face interview with filtered talent of the country. In a Telephonic interview, the candidate must try and give the best possible impression on the interviewer, because this is the chance, which could help him succeed further.

The Various Types of Jobs available in marketing are Architect Jobs, Education Jobs.

The telephonic interviews are basically of two types:

1.) HR interviews

2.) Technical interviews

HR interviews: This is the very first interaction or the introductory call, which the candidate gets about the job opportunity. Here the willingness and the interest of the candidate in the respective job, is asked and accordingly which the further steps are proceeded. The voice and the talking style of the candidate are the most important things, which form the first impression on the interviewer.

Technical interview: This is the stage, where the candidate is through with personal details and is to be tested on the basis of his technical skills. Here the educational qualification and capabilities of the candidate is checked by asking him questions, in regard to his academics field.

Following are few of the Do’s and Don’ts, which the candidates must adopt while appearing for a telephonic interview:


1.) Have a proper time scheduled for the interview.

2.) The place where the candidate is sitting and talking, should be noise- free

3.) The phone should be properly charged and should be problem free

4.) Resume, pen, paper and other things required should be kept at the place, where the candidate is sitting.

5.) While giving the introductory brief, the candidate should be confident, clear and should be able to form an intelligent impression on the interviewer.

6.) The candidate should be able to explain his prior work experience and the responsibilities he has handled before, in his last organisation.

7.) Before a technical interview, the candidate, should practised the answers to the most common questions and should be able to fluently reply to all the questions.


1.) The candidate should not exaggerate things; he should try and keep his answers short and to the point.

2.) He should be frank and must not hesitate to ask the interviewer, to repeat the question

3.) The interviewee, should not give vague answers and should be straight forward if he does not know the answers to any of the questions

4.) Do not panic and try to handle things carefully.

5.) In case of a technical interview, do not try and make guesses of the answers

Clearing the telephonic rounds of the HR and the Technical rounds for a job, the candidates makes himself eligible for the face to face interview with the HR, which in most of the cases is the final step, which leads the candidate towards the accomplishment of the job. Many companies in India are also following this procedure of telephonic interviews to save time and money and avoid interaction with ineligible clients.

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