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Published: 04th May 2011
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Kolkata, situated on the banks of river Hooghly, is the main business centre for the eastern parts of India. Kolkata is a land of small scale industries; however, there are some sectors, where big organizations are setting their foot.

The technical boon has decorated this city with some IT organizations, which have launched their offices in this zone. These IT companies have brought major revolution in this city. In black and white days, this city enjoyed great luxury because of British Empire and hence, it developed well; and now many international companies are finding Bengal as a promising land. TodayJobs in Kolkata are majorly associated with IT industry and Service Industry. All telecom service providers have set up their functional branches in this zone. Apart from domestic companies, there are many international clients who have also taken initiative in setting their business units in this region. Salt Lake area of Kolkata is considered for one of the IT parks, as the major global players have established their offices there.

The major jobs in Kolkata are result of IT boom; but besides IT companies, there are many service providers who are contributing towards the vast Job Market. Kolkata has a strong hold in publishing sector. There are various local language newspapers that have huge circulation. Apart from them, many English newspapers also share heavy circulation throughout the city. This verifies that print media jobs in Kolkata are in great demand.

Kolkata is also a land that promotes Indian art and music and this gives more opportunity to people with a cultural bend. There are various jobs in Kolkata related to music and arts and these kinds of openings are well found in radio and television areas. Media in every form dominates Kolkata job market as the residents of this land have special inclination towards creativity and performing arts.

There are many small scale industries and manufacturing units that have opened doors for labour class. These blue collared jobs in Kolkata also invite people from neighbouring states, like Bihar and Orissa. The Cotton products of Kolkata are widely acclaimed for their fine quality, which requires more of labour to work in these factories. These textile companies surely contribute to the job market of Kolkata, but such openings majorly welcome the blue collared workers.

Apart from textile industry, there are many other manufacturing plants that have their roots on the grounds of this city. These manufacturing units have lot of jobs for labour class. These manufacturing plants also promote trading since the productions require lot of other raw materials. The trading sector also increases the number of jobs in Kolkata. These jobs mainly include skilled workers, who are educated and professionally equipped.

Recently, many real estate companies have mushroomed up and are paving their way in Kolkata region. These new builders are coming up with housing projects that are not only reshaping the infrastructure of the city but are also creating vacancies for people with different backgrounds and experience. The real estate sector is welcoming people at various levels, from engineers to marketing professionals and to blue collared workers. The real estate market has really shored up the Kolkata job market.

Kolkata being the capital of West Bengal is professionally growing well and the revolution of IT sector has introduced a huge change and is constantly adding reforms to this land and its people. However, there are various big companies that are trying to pave the market of Kolkata, but there are many small scale industries that are generously contributing in its economic reform and also flaunt the true beauty of Bengals rich and vibrant ethnicity.

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