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Published: 19th March 2010
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Entertainment or media sector is one, which is the most the most demanded and creative sector. Students aiming for jobs in this sector are always concerned and attracted towards the glamorous part of the entertainment world, the limelight, fame which one gets out of being in the media is the elements of motivation. Its not wrong that the jobs in media re more less associated with the fame and name factor, whether its being a camera person or the actor, both are recognised for their work, both are famous in their respective areas of work.

These we all know that jobs in entertainment or media industry results in name, fame and money, the excitement for appearance on - sliver screen is more than winning an award for a struggler. There is much more to this industry other than the glamour and the fame part, triple the hard - work and struggle is involved in the activities off screen, the jobs in the media can broadly divided in to on- screen and off- screen activities. Following is a brief on all the on- screen as well as off- screen Media Jobs:


Directors are the people who are responsible for the direction of the movie, they are ideologists behind the whole concept of the movie, it is according to their wishes the whole movie gets directed. Mainly there is one director, the road paved by whom is followed by the rest of the cast and crew of the movie.


There can be two or more producers for the movie; they are the people who take care of the financial part of the movie. They are the ones, who risk their whole income, for the production of a movie, a producer needs to be very careful and should have farsightedness approach, to judge the after for the movie they are putting the money in.


Actors are the people mostly enacting on the screen, these are the ones who give life to the ideas of the directors of the movie or any other production, which uses actors as the medium to send message across the target audience. A good movie script can only have influential results if it has impressive and talented actors in it.

News Readers/ Anchors:

This job profile can be in terms of radio and television both. News reading is a very important job, which makes the person accountable for reading out the correct information to the masses. This job needs a lot of alertness and concentration as the news reaches the whole community, area or in some cases to the hole world, so the facts and the figures disseminated during the news script needs to be checked thoroughly. The news reader in most cases reads out the news sitting in the studio itself.

Journalists/ Reporters:

These people are the ones who bring the news right from the place of happening; this also helps in adding credibility to the news story. This job involves lot of energy and intelligence, because the correspondent has to dig in to the news, and it is said, you need to have a nose for news for being a reporter.

Cameraman/ Cinematographers:

This job profile allows the person to capture his ideas and thinking style in the form of photos. In most cases, the ideology is of the director, though comments and suggestions from the cinematographer is always welcome.

Script Writer:

Script writer is the person, who writes the story of the movie, news story or advertisement, which is then enacted by the actors and anchors. The script writer's job is to pen down the ideas and story structure given by the director.

Dialogue Writer:

Dialogue Writer works according to the ideology mentioned in the script by the script writer. He frames each dialogue as per requirement and demand of the concept, which are the words; we get to hear in the final production.

All these job profile in the media goes through a lot of editing and transformations, and loads of hard- work and mind is put into this, as a result of which we get to see full- proof informative and entertaining pieces of work. Also, with the increasing demand of news and views, the entertainment and media industry is expanding, hence creating more job opportunities in this field.

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