Jobs in Kerala: Best Job Openings in Tourism, Hospitality and Health Care Units

Published: 12th August 2011
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In India, the state of kerala shines with the highest rate of literacy with 93.91 percent. Since the very beginning, the state has consistently worked on improving its literacy rate and has successfully accomplished many literacy campaigns from time to time. Now why are we focusing on the literacy of the state so prominently, is because the rate of literacy is directly proportional the prospects of jobs in the state. If a state is more accomplished in terms of education, definitely it will be more advanced and developed in terms of job opportunities. And this has been proven by ever-rising number of job openings in Kerala.

Most popular jobs in kerala

Kerala is one state that has spread its arms in all directions. Right from textile industries to information technology, hospitality, hotel and tourism and many more job prospects are present in the state. However, out of all, most jobs in Kerala are available in the IT, tourism and Nursing departments. People from all over the country come to Kerala to join the massive tourism industry. Especially, people from nearby states find Kerala the goldmine of jobs.

Jobs in Kerala tourism industry

The tourism industry of Kerala has become highly popular in the past decade. It has established its position among some of the most attractive and relaxing tourist destinations in not only India but also internationally. The state has witnessed a great number of foreign touristsí influx every year. Naturally, this has increased the overall scope for the industry of tourism in Kerala. Today, almost every established travel agency and vacation planning company owns a physical presence in Kerala. The expansion has widely raised the count of jobs in Kerala. Many travel and tourism students wish and aim to get posted in Kerala to earn valuable work experience and learn most vital aspects of travel industry.

Government jobs in kerala

Government jobs come with their own set of beneficial aspects. Security, great salary package and a distinctive position in the society are some of the most attractive features of government jobs. Since the government of this state is highly evolved, vacancies in government based institutions keep coming from time to time. Interested candidates may often get noticed regarding vacancies in government banks, educational institutions, hospitals and so on. In order to gain more information on jobs in government sector of Kerala, applicants should read newspapers and visit websites that offer valuable information on the same.

Job fair in Kerala

Kerala often get to witness huge job fairs. Kerala job fairs facilitate companies of all sizes to find the most excellent talents in each field from different key cities of India. Numerous recruitment agencies participate and meet candidates in these fairs. The main objective of such fairs is to pick out the best human potential from the massive collection of fresh candidates. In these job fairs the organizers take the sole responsibility of registering job seekers and those who looking for a switch. For candidates also this is the most appropriate opportunity to meet company representatives from corporations of all sizes and industries at one center, within a short period of time. One may easily gain information about such job fairs through various online sources and recruitment consultancies. If an individual is registered with a proper recruitment agency, he or she may get alerts about such job fairs with respect to their interest of location and industry.

Find kerala vacancies online

Individuals who are looking forward to getting settled in Kerala to give a new direction to their career can check out their possibilities without having to go to the state. One can easily find the Kerala jobs on major job portals.

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