Jobs in Bangalore A Bright future beckons you

Published: 20th October 2011
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Bangalore is the beautiful city of Karnataka which is popularly known as the IT hub of India. Many IT companies have their base in this city. Numerous career opportunities in Bangalore make this destination hot and attractive for potential job seekers. There are options galore in the public sector corporations, ITES, software development, defense research companies, telecommunications, aerospace; biotechnology, etc. The city boasts of a vast pool of an educated class where employment opportunities are growing steadily in various sectors. A wide range of job opportunities are available like that of software programmers, software developers, consultants, trainee software developers, Application Programming, Client server, software testing jobs, DBA, Ecommerce/Internet, QA/Testing, ERP/CRM jobs, System Programming, Hardware, Software Design Engineer, SAP, Java Developer, website design developer, SEO/ Web promotion jobs, etc.

The IT sector in Bangalore offers wonderful job opportunities to freshers as well as the experienced lot. These people are not only technically skilled but have good communication skills as well that is a prerequisite in this sector. Proper knowledge of English language is also a must in order to survive in this sector. Due to the presence of too many IT jobs in Bangalore, it is also popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India. A number of jobs are available for people with science and technology background. People who are technically unskilled are also in great demand for carrying out miscellaneous jobs such as administration, record keeping, bookkeeping, menial jobs, etc. These IT jobs are very popular among technology students and professionals. This sector is a high paying sector which is extremely lucrative for them and enhances their personal and professional space. Call center jobs or the BPO jobs in Bangalore are also registering a major boom. Lot many companies have already established their offices here and many more are expected to come. Experts believe that the BPO sector is going to further witness a major growth in the coming times.

Call centers as they are popularly known have a wide variety of job prospects in Bangalore, for people willing to make a career in them. Inbound and Outbound customer service representatives, online survey agents, technical support representative, Inbound and Outbound Sales agents, Medical Transcriptionists, Quality Analysts, Entertainment and Legal transcriptionists, IT and programming agents, Banking and Finance Specialists, Travel Assistance agents and many others are included within this realm of Call center jobs in Bangalore.

One of the perks of working in a call center is that it’s a high paying job. Candidates who aspire to be call center agents need to have certain skills. One can be a simple graduate or an undergraduate to become an agent. One should have good fluency in English; have good analytical skills, the ability to function in a fast paced environment and in some cases the flexibility to work in graveyard shifts. Since these jobs can be at times stressful and demanding, one must be very sure before applying for such positions.

In Bangalore, there are many public as well as private sector organizations. They need good administrators to make the organizations run smoothly. Numerous administrative jobs in Bangalore are available like Administrative Assistant, Administrative Executive Assistant, Coordinators, managers, etc. These jobs also include Accounting Assistant, Administrative specialist, Business center supervisor, Equipment controller, Record keeper, Executive Assistant, File clerk, Human Resource Assistant, Law IT administrative assistant, Legal assistant, mail associate, marketing assistant, Office assistant, staff assistant, Transportation Assistant, Payroll representative and many others.

Hence, Bangalore is a city where one can fulfill his dreams. The city simply envelops a person protectively and prepares him to achieve greater heights in terms of his career and helps him in achieving success in all spheres of life.

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