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Published: 17th May 2010
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Jobs in every state of the country are an important source for its people to earn money out of it. A major share of the people in India, are dependent on the jobs, on the basis of which they earn their living. Some people travel from one place to another in search of job, while some prefer doing jobs in their own city. Generally, people from small cities travel to big states or metros in search of jobs, to support the living of their family. There are parts in India, where people do not find jobs of their interest, because those areas have not been explored by big and renowned companies. In such cases, where suited jobs are not available in the home town, people either migrate from one city to another, or adopt the traditional business of the state as their profession.

One such state in the north- eastern part of India is Assam, which is popular for its tea plantations, oil wells, timber industry, textile industry, handicrafts, etc. The jobs in Assam are mainly in these industries, which employees people in the areas which help in sustaining and maintaining the traditional values of the state. The people of Assam are associated with the technological developments, due to the knowledge possessed by them about the subject. People from Assam are also said to be a great source for employment in IT jobs. With the commencement of modern technologies and methodologies, Assam is heading its way towards IT jobs, creating opportunities for the job seekers to invest their talent at the right place.

People of Assam are highly educated and have great expertise in the English language, because of which the education sector in Assam is highly developed and is imparting global standards of education to its students. The demand of teaching jobs in Assam is growing at a faster rate, with the motive, to make the education industry an important sector to grow in the area. Education is in anyway the foundation stone, on which the development of the whole economy and the job industry is based. Therefore, due importance to education is given in almost all the parts of the country, leading to the generation of abundant teaching jobs in the country.

Few of the job opportunities in Assam, which a candidate can apply for are:

1.) Jobs in IT software sector
2.) Teaching jobs in Assam
3.) Jobs in pharmaceutical industry
4.) Sales or marketing jobs in Assam
5.) Jobs in the tea industry
6.) Mining jobs in Assam
7.) Call centre or BPO jobs in Assam
8.) Jobs in the medical field
9.) Jobs in the hotel and hospitality sector
10.) Jobs in the cement industry
11.) Research jobs
12.) Jobs in textile industry
13.) Jobs in paper industry

A large number of people are employed in the tea industry, because of Assam being called as the tea factory of the country. Jobs in the tea industry in Assam are high in number, making it possible for the people of Assam to employee themselves in their traditional work profile. The land of Assam also contributes for many other fruits, vegetables and spices for the consumption and use by the common man, which again leads to the production of job opportunities for the people of Assam. With the country growing, and getting affected by the global scenario, many new developments and fields for jobs are coming up. The initiation of new job sectors has resulted to a lot of new job opportunities, leaving less space for unemployment and poverty. Thus, one can surely see a higher growth rate in the employment sector in the country, due to the development and production of a number of jobs.

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