Importance of stability and consistency in a job

Published: 01st June 2010
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Job is the earning source for a human being and his family; it is the source, which enables a person to earn his living. Job makes the person realise the value and worth of his skills learned in school and college days. A person is able to make himself eligible enough to stand in front of the world and say,' yes I am worth it, and I am the one responsible for earning a huge amount of money and making my family live happily'. Job gives a sense of internal satisfaction to the person, that he is been able to do something worthwhile, something which has enabled him to walk with his head high in the industry. Job is not the only source for earning money for a good living, but is also the source, which makes a person gain respect, name and fame in the society and much more in the industry to which one belongs.

The finding of a Job is easy and tough both. Easy for those, who have the right talent and skills and tough for those, who do not have right qualification required for a respective job. Students are always taught that their future is based on the marks and the learning's they grab during their education times. A student needs to be smart and intelligent enough to choose the career option, which leads towards his desired job profile. students are the basis of the workforce, a country possesses, therefore every country makes it a point, that the educational facilities provided in the institutes and colleges of the country is at par from other countries, because ultimately, these are the steps which results in a faster economic growth.

As mentioned earlier, it's not tough for the right candidate, to find a job for himself, due to which a number of job opportunities keep knocking his door. But it is in the hands of the candidate, whether he wants to stay with the current job, or move to another job due to better facilities and pay packages provided by them. Due to this, the longitivity of personnel with an organisation is decreasing. People prefer to move or change the job, if they get a better job. But this is not the right attitude and is somewhere very badly affecting the growth rate of the economy. Because, when the candidate joins a new job, then he takes few weeks or months to understand the work culture and the criteria that the organisation follows. An organisation before taking work from the employee, invests a lot in him, to polish him according to market standards and requirements. Therefore, when the same employee leaves early due to some other lavishing opportunity, then the money and the time invested by the organisation in making the student learn the tactics of the respective industry goes waste, hence if counted collectively, leads to a slowdown in the growth of the overall economy.

Therefore, as far as possible, employees should try to maintain their stability with the organisation, which in turn is their benefit also. Having a long term relation with an organisation not only makes the person form his own space and criteria of work, but the respect and the worth of the person also increases in the market. Employees maintaining stability with their jobs are also looked upon in the society, which results into the formation of great contact inside and outside the organisation. Employees working for around five to eight years with the organisation becomes an asset to the organisation and even the organisation does not want to loose them, due to the knowledge and information possessed by the employee about the organisation, which can be misused by the competitors or other players in the industry.

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