Importance of Resume for getting a Job

Published: 22nd June 2010
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Job is one word, without which the life of every human being seems to be non- existent. It is very important to have a well paid job in India, which corresponds to the living style of the person. Grabbing a job is very tough in today's world. With the rising competition, there are hundreds of valid candidates for a single post. There are a number of applications, which comes to a company for the job openings, but the ones who get chosen are the best. The applicants who get selected are the best among the lot and need to possess some attributes, which are different and adds to the growth of the organisation.

Finding a Job is becoming difficult day by day and the candidate has to update himself according to the latest developments. The newest technologies in the industry, makes it easy for the employees to deal with the problems at work. The first and the most important thing, which is seen by the employer even before the interface with the candidate is the resume of the candidate. Resume plays a very important in the grabbing of the job. Following are the points, which prove the importance of resume as the introductory step towards the achievement of the dream job of the candidate:

1.) Resume is the basic step which reaches the employer. It should be structured well. A well presented resume, is a short way to impress the employer and increase the chances for grabbing the job. So start making good Job Resumes and apply in Companies

2.) Resume is the mirror of the candidate's achievements and his professional background, on the basis of which candidates are selected for personal interview round. The employer does not has time to personally meet each and every candidate, so he shortlists the applicants on the basis of their work experience and skills presented in the resume. Then the personal interview and the written test, finalises it all.

3.) The work experience and the qualification of the candidate should be accurate, as these are the most important factors, on the basis of which candidates are called for the job interview.

4.) A well presented resume also corresponds to the personality of the candidate. A formulated and well organised person is obviously in demand in an organisation.

Resume writing is also important. Following are few of the tips, which one should use while writing a resume for a job:

1.) The resume should be as short as possible. The sentences should be short and self explanatory.

2.) The work experience and the educational qualification should be explained clearly, making no confusions. Also the information mentioned should be clear and accurate.

3.) The details should be mentioned in points. One should avoid writing in long paragraphs. The long paragraphs and sentences confuse the writer and he generally tends to form a negative opinion about the candidate.

4.) The resume should follow a chronological order, starting with the past employment details. The recent job should be at the first, going in the reverse order, to the first job. The family details should be mentioned at the end.

5.) The candidate should not be vague in the mention of his details. It should not be confusing. Also the applicant should be honest in presenting all the information. All the certificates and proofs need to be produced at the time of interview, so there is no use of faking in the resume.

Thus, we can say that it is very important for the candidate to have a well presented and a thoroughly formatted resume, while applying for the job. Resume carries the first impression of the candidate to the employer, so the best of the efforts should be invested to make it more striking and thereafter lucrative.

Gurleen writes on behalf of the no.1 job portal in India.She writes on topics like Job Resumes.

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