Importance of keeping employees motivated at work

Published: 25th August 2010
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Continuously working for all the nine hours of job, is something which is not possible and which at times, turns up becoming a burden for the life of the employee. In case of people, who have monotonous job, and do not have much changes in the work done, find it very difficult to keep working in the same job for long.

Therefore, it is very important for the employees to have change in their work, so that they enjoy a better work environment and keep themselves motivated for work. It is very important for the employee to be happy and satisfied with his Job, so that he enjoys his work and is able to enjoy his job all round the day. In keeping the employee happy and contended, a major role is played by the office itself. The personnel at the office, need to make sure, that each step, they are taking ahead is also meant for the development of their office and rest of the employees

Work force or employees are an important part of the growth of the organisation, therefore satisfying their needs and demands is an important duty of the officials involved at the higher level. If an official is happy with the environment and the procedures, then itís really easy for him to fit himself in the job, and keep on giving the best of his results. The employers at every step should keep on motivating their employees to be competent and give the best of their performance. Motivations can be in different forms, and can actually result in the excellent performances from the workers. Employees are the driving force behind the growth of an organisation, therefore feeding them with motivation is very essential for the accomplishments of the companyís goals.

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At the same time, it is very important for the employee to be constantly giving the best of his performance, which becomes the reason for their bosses to promote them and give them perks. Itís quite tough to meet the expectations of the workers, but at every stage, the employees should work with full conviction and give their hundred percent, further leading to the production of outstanding results. Employers should never differentiate between the employees and should do an equal treatment with all the people at work. Following are some of the points, which support the fact that motivation is very much required for the employees at their job:

1.) The trust of the boss in the employee, makes him more confident and firm in the accomplishment of his goals

2.) Motivated and positive employees make an organisation grow better and achieve incompetent results.

3.) Motivational and healthy environment at job, results in the long- term relations of the employees with their organisation. Also, they would always be optimistic about their work and the responsibilities they are assigned with.

4.) Word of mouth is a very important tool for building the right image of a brand among its target audience, and the most fair and the best verdict about the organisation comes from the employees, who actually work in that office. Therefore if the employees are satisfied and happy with their job, then the company would not be required to spend much money on framing their reputation among the masses.

Hence, all the above points prove that motivated employees are actually an asset for the organisation, who not only add to the revenue for the growth of the organisation, but also help in building the right image for the organisation. As it is said, goodwill starts from the home itself, so, if an organisation, wants to earn name and fame, then they should first concentrate on satisfying the needs of their employees and then move on further to their clientele.

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