Import and Export Sector in India

Published: 08th June 2010
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With the influence of globalization and continuous expansion of free market, the export import industry in India has been gaining momentum. The international businesses of the nation i.e. export and import has been increasing rapidly. Our merchandize exports have crossed the magic figure of $100 billion and the annual growth rate is 23%.

India offers various Jobs in export and import industry as it grows exponentially. High revenues and large number of professionals are associated with this exciting industry. This sector offers jobs for freshers as well as experienced candidates given they possess the right qualification and skill set. A degree in merchandising or other allied fields of Export import industry is the basic qualification required to enter this exciting sector. There are various institutions across India that offer courses in this field like IIFT; DSE, DU; IIEM, Bangalore; NIEM, Chennai; IICT, Lucknow; Punjab University, Chandigarh; University of Madras, Chennai and Gujarat University, Ahemdabad. Along with the degree, the candidate should have excellent communication skills, aptitude for business, ability to persuade and a confident personality. Knowledge of foreign language serves as an added advantage.

Export import is a wide field that may offer numerous kinds of job profiles to its professionals. Production, invoicing, packing, transport and shipping, marketing and documentation are some of the various tasks involved in the industry. Professionals in this field can work in export units, buying houses or the international business division of various multinational companies. There are a large number of companies related to merchandising and export import in India that are hiring in the present times. Export Import jobs offer good financial and professional growth across all job profiles in all companies.

Some of the job profiles for freshers include (a) Import Export Assistant, (b) Export Assistant, (c) Assistant Merchandisers, (d) Import/ Export Coordinator, (e) Import/ Export Compliance Assistant, (f) Import/ Export Compliance Analyst, (g) Import/ Export Data Entry Clerk, (h) Sales Air Import/ Export Agent and many others.

Other Import Export Jobs are for Merchandisers, Assistant Managers, Market Representatives, Fabric and Sourcing Manager, Pattern Masters, Production Managers, Merchandise Consultants, Logistics Executives, Customs and Excise Executives, Export Officers, Filling Clerks, Shipping Executives, Visual Merchandisers, Quality Controller and various others.

The economic needs of the country, effective use of foreign exchange and industrial as well as consumer requirements are the main factors that influence our import policy. There are no quantitative restrictions on imports of capital goods and intermediates-new or second hand. . Exports in many sectors have surpassed the expectations as project goods exports grew at an overwhelming rate of 173%. A growth surpassing 50% was recorded in exports of non-ferrous metals, computer software (in physical form), guar gum meal, rice, pulses and dairy products. Commodities like cosmetics and toiletries, iron-ore, man-made staple fibers, coffee, processed food and transport equipment grew at the rate more than 25% i.e. above the average.

The export-import industry of India is growing at a fast pace while opening various employment avenues. The relaxation in Export-Import policies and duties is one of the major drivers for the progress of the sector. There are plenty of job opportunities in this industry after the global economic slowdown made an exit from the country. India's export growth had fallen sharply as a result of recession hitting its economy in the year 2008. Even though our economy depends hugely on domestic products, the contribution of exports has been significant. Nevertheless, the export import industry has started picking up quickly and is on a recovery path today. It has been generating plenty of jobs for qualified and skilled professionals across all areas.

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