HR Jobs in India Are Growing

Published: 11th May 2010
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Indian economy is witnessing a major boom after the economic slowdown, looming large on world economies made an exit. Thousands and lakhs of jobs are entering back in the market gleefully paying higher and better than before.

Human resources or HR jobs in India are the current favorite as all the sectors are lifting up. HR is an extremely significant and highly functional department of an organization that is meant to take care of the employees. Human resources professionals are present in all kinds and sizes of organization as it smoothly integrates with the company's operations. So, the scope for jobs in HR is always very wide and with the fast developing economy of India, it is expanding further.

Human resource management or HRM as known widely tackles the issues related to recruitment, management and appraisal in an organization. It tries to keep the employees happy, as a family by organizing various fun events and occasions. Other matters like compensation, hiring, employee satisfaction, benefits, administration, training etc. are also handled by the human resource department. Moreover, they help the organization to

- get right kind of employees,

- train them at regular intervals of time (for continuous development of both the company and the employee),

- create good working conditions and environment,

- organize events during festival seasons and

- Judge the satisfaction level of the employees.

Therefore, HR department is an indispensable department that must be very efficient for the right functioning of the organization as a whole.

The responsibilities of HR executives depend on the size of the company as the division of work varies. In small organizations, HR executives should be very knowledgeable as to be able to take care of all the activities in the department. On the other hand, there is a large pool of HR professionals who are lead by their director in large organizations. The department is further divided into sections that are headed by well trained and experienced managers who accomplish tasks with the help of the team of executives and middle management. These sub divided departments can be employment & placement, training & development and compensation & benefits.

Some of the positions you can apply for to land up with a job in Human resource are:

-Employment and placement managers

-Recruitment specialists

-Training specialists

-Labor relations managers

-Occupational analysts

-Employment interviewers or human resources consultants

-Compensation, benefits, and job analysis specialists

-Employee benefits managers and specialists or employee welfare managers

-Training and development managers

A career in HR is apt for those ready to listen to problems and worries of the problem with the willingness to find the solution. It is for this reason that the importance of human resources jobs in India has grown and occupied a significant stature. The corporate world is using it as an effective tool in managing their day-to-day business as it acts as a bridge that helps in narrowing down the communication gap between the employees and the management.

The responsibilities of an HR person may include the following- Manpower Planning, CV Capturing, and Interview Scheduling, Compensation & Benefit code Management, Formula Management, Asset Management, Loan Management, Payroll Process, Income Tax Management, Employee MIS, Cheque Generation and Journal Entry Generation. HR jobs in India are about collaboration, networking, sharing and problem solving.

The entire business of an organization depends on recruiting, retaining and motivating the right employee. This makes it extremely important that HR professionals of the company are well qualified and trained rightly to make the right hiring and managing decisions. The right education helps in developing and strengthening the required skill set for the profession.

Deepika Bansal writes on behalf of the no.1 job portal in India.She writes on topics like Jobs in HR relieving job stress.

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