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Published: 14th May 2010
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Media has proved to be an eye opener or the general masses in many cases. It is the medium through which many people, seek information and make themselves aware of the happenings and events all across the world. With the popularity of media as an industry growing, more and more students are opting for the courses in media and advertising, thus, increasing the requirement of job opening in the field of media and advertising. Every individual wants security in their job, irrespective of the field for which he is serving. The students are always in search of safe and secure jobs, which provides them longitivity, growth and prosperity in their career. Such jobs, in whichever field to mention, are the government jobs, or the jobs coming under the banner of government authorised bodies.

Earning a Job in the government sector is the biggest achievement; a student does in his career. Same is the case with Media jobs , the number of private jobs in the field of media and advertising is increasing day by day, but the government sectors in the field of media is same. The jobs and the departments are increasing, but slowly, due to which most of the students land up doing media jobs in the private production houses.

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is the body governing the functioning of the media government sector. This is the body, which is responsible for the control of all media houses in the country. Though, the media houses owned by the government sector have lost its popularity with the private one's coming into practise. But, the body as a whole is still the most powerful in terms of controlling the implementation and execution of different visuals, films, advertisements or any printed, audio or broadcast material. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has the right to ban or withhold the functioning of any promotion material, which is harming the integrity of the country or is against the laws. The different departments under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, in which one can apply for a job are:


1.) Prasar Bharati
2.) All India Radio
3.) Community Radio Stations
4.) Conditional Access Systems
5.) Direct to Home
6.) Content regulation on private TV channels
7.) Internet Protocol Television
8.) Uplinking/ Downlinking of TV channels


1.) Press Information Bureau
2.) Publications Division
3.) Registrar of Newspapers for India
4.) Press Council of India
5.) Directorate of Field Publicity
6.) Directorate of advertising and visual publicity
7.) Photo Division
8.) Research Reference and training

1.) Films Division
2.) National Film Archive of India
3.) Directorate of Film Festivals
4.) National Film Development Corporation
5.) Central board of Film Certification
6.) Film Certification Appellate Tribunal
7.) Children's Film Society

Other than, all the above fields, these days, students are more interested in the advertising jobs, which in case of government jobs is under the DAVP sector. Directorate of advertising and Visual Publicity, or DAVP, is the government body for the regularisation and authorisation of the advertisements and the publicity material released for the use of publicising the government and ministerial components. The body is responsible for the formation and implementation of laws related to the advertising and the visual publicity industry. The body is a part of the Ministry of information and broadcasting, making it tougher for the candidates to apply and grab job in the department. These jobs are on the basis of entrance tests, arranged by the government bodies on state level. Though, cracking these jobs is a tough nut, but still those who manage to grab jobs in these media government sectors, enjoy a very lucrative and smooth career.

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