Five skills required to retain a job

Published: 18th August 2010
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Grabbing a job is the most important task that a person is required to do in his lifetime. A secured job is a dream, but it is in the hand of the candidate itself, how does he plan for the job and what steps he take to make himself stay with the organisation for long. Though hard work is the key, which opens every door, but now-a-days, smart work is another factor, which is required to be adopted by the employees to have a flourishing and a prosperous route towards the success of his career. Every company these days, want quick results and want to beat the competition, to excel in their respective fields. Therefore the organisations want its employees to be different from all others and produce results, which are highly skilled and should know how to turn worst into the best.

Few of the qualities, which the candidates must have to retain their Job, are:

Communication skills: Employees are required to have great communication skills, to be able to convey their thoughts and ideas successfully to their clients and customers. For doing a job perfectly, the employees need to have good writing, speaking and listening skills. One should be a good listener, so that to absorb things frequently and should have the right perception power for concepts to be implemented in work.

Learning ability: It is very important for the employees to have the willingness to learn and grab new things. Learning and grabbing new things at work, makes the employees achieve new heights in their career. Also, sharing and learning skills in between the colleagues, forms a prominent part of the career journey for the employees. For this, the employee need to have a mouldable attitude and should be open to new ideologies to be adopted in the work culture.

Initiative: Taking initiative for doing things, land the employees in discovering new things and setting up new trends for rest of the people. Proposing new ideas, or initiating for new projects or assignments and bringing new business to the company, makes an employee earn positive influence over his bosses and colleagues. Every initiative taken, leads the employee to have better understanding with the employees and results into profit for the company.

Team work: Single man army is no more the concept these days. For achieving success, working with the team is the first and the most important requirement. Team work is sure to produce the best results for the growth of the company. When different minds, with different calibre sit together to work, then the outcome is sure to be the best and in favour of the company’s benefit.

Customer service: At the end, the product or the service, the company deals with, is meant to reach its clients or the customers. And the employees of an organisation withhold the responsibility of delivering those services to the consumers in an intact manner. To have a good business and to build a positive image in the market, it is very important for the organisation to have its customers satisfied, for which the employees need to have excellent relation with the customers. Therefore, maintaining good relations with clients by providing them outstanding customer service is the criteria, which can make the company achieve the status of brand for all.

Thus, by keeping in mind the above points, an employee is sure to have a bright career with great hold on his abilities to make his organisation become one of the top amongst the competitors. Also for acquiring and sustaining a job opportunity, adoption of the above discussed elements is necessary, therefore, the employees should be very careful in practising his attitude and behaviour at work and with his colleagues.

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