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Published: 14th June 2010
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Pharmacy links health sciences with chemical sciences ensuring the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmacists are health professionals who practice this science of pharmacy in various ways. They sometimes act as intermediaries between physicians and patients and even participate in disease-state management in collaboration with physicians and other health professionals. Pharmacists are also known as chemists sometimes.

Pharmacists are a critical source of medical knowledge in clinics, hospitals, retail stores, medical laboratory and community pharmacies throughout the world. They have many areas of expertise and hold positions in the pharmaceutical industry and in the pharmaceutical education, research and development institutions. Jobs for pharmacists in India have been growing with an upsurge in demand for healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals. The growing importance and contribution of healthcare sector to the country's economy has resulted in an increase in healthcare jobs in India.

Indian healthcare industry is worth many a billion dollars today and the growing number of tools for health management has created numerous employment opportunities in the sector. As the population ages and medical science advances, the need for medical experts has grown much higher than ever before. The increasing complexity of educational requirements and the high demand for medical professionals, especially pharmacists has created a huge supply deficit. There are many vacant posts for pharmacists in India but the advanced educational requirements have made it tough to fill in the positions.

To get Pharmacy Jobs in India, a candidate must have a degree in Pharma D (Diploma in Pharmacy) or Pharma B (Bachelors in Pharmacy) certified by the Council of Pharmacy Education. One can opt for MBA, Pharma M (Masters in Pharmacy) or even Ph.D and join the clinical research field. Various reputed colleges and universities in India offer courses in pharmacy to students with Physics, Chemistry and Math at plus-two level. Apart from the professional degree, pharmacists must have scientific amplitude, good communication skills and must be detail oriented.

Pharmacists may join a company or a hospital or may run own pharmacy registered with State Pharmacy Council. The remuneration for pharmacists depends hugely on the company or hospital they work with but is usually decent. Clinical researchers are definitely well paid and have huge demand in both India and abroad. International companies mostly hire experienced pharmacists who can help in dealing with deadly diseases and pay between $110,000 to 62,000. Pharmacists may work in chains, supermarkets, merchandises, hospitals, independent, research or HMOs abroad.

Let us take a quick look at the nature of job for Retail pharmacists, Clinical Pharmacists and Nuclear Pharmacists.

-Retail pharmacy is flourishing as a career in India for those with degree in this field of science and the proper license. The job of retail pharmacists is to administer medications at drug stores or grocery stores but their working hours can be erratic. Their foremost duty is to order and store medicines in a proper manner so as to keep them safe and effective. The pay package and benefits of retail pharmacists are quite good and at par with other professionals.

-Clinical pharmacy pertains to working in hospitals as a part of medical care team. Their job involves assisting doctors in determining which medications and how much doses would be effective for each patient depending on his/ her physical conditions.

-Nuclear pharmacists are responsible for measuring the radioactive materials which are widely used in digital imaging in hospitals. These jobs are quite flexible as pharmacists need to start the day early to handle the radioactive material in the proper manner.

Jobs for pharmacists are aplenty across all the cities in India. One can look for them in newspapers or on job portals.

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