Emerging Job Opportunities in Rajasthan

Published: 10th January 2012
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Rajasthan is known for its vibrant culture, traditions and global heritage not only in India but across the world as well. What makes Rajasthan a place with diverse opportunities are the ethnic population that lives here, government policies that led to the overall infrastructural development and industries that improve the living status of the general public. The glorious economy of India has infested stable job openings in Rajasthan in almost all the industry segments primarily in Government and private sectors. The lucrative and flexible credit facilities offered by financial establishments and nationalized banks in the city has also accelerated jobs in Rajasthan and employment opportunities in the city.

Inevitably, Jobs in Rajasthan are visible in industrial sectors usually available in high, medium and small scale industries including cottage industries and service industries. Rajasthan is a rich state in terms of mineral production including zinc, copper and other minerals in the city thus job vacancies prospects in the mining industry is probably have the highest share in the Rajasthan Job market. Khetri copper plant is known as the biggest ever hub for the mining in the state and has a share around 23 % of the employment in Rajasthan alone.

Agricultural setups have also made job opportunities more lucrative and beneficial for the job seekers. It ignites the industrial developments in Rajashan. In Ganganagar, Cotton industry prominently presents huge potential for jobs in Rajasthan for job seekers with huge monetary benefits and added advantages. For those people who love to make their career in textiles may take the advantage of emerging opportunities available in textile industry in Bhilwada.

When we are talking about Rajasthan, tourism industry is another game changer that sets a great horizon for Rajasthan jobs. Tourism leads millions of footfall in the state from all across the world and paves a way for more jobs in the sector with the openings of more hotels and other facilities for the states. Job openings in the Rajasthan hotels can be categorized into various designations like relationship managers, tourist guides and catering staff, among many others. The tourism industry here demands a big chunk of tourism professionals who could serve the industry with full enthusiasm. This industry is probably the most rewarding and certainly associate a number of other employment benefits for the job seekers.

Jaipur is now becoming the core hub for the IT and BPO industry as more and more IT, BPO and ITES organizations has set up their offshore business units in the city. The inception has infused more employment options and job vacancies in Rajasthan for undergraduates, graduates, management professionals and software engineers. Higher literacy rates in the city and reduced migration quotient have also accelerated the pace of jobs in Rajasthan especially in the segments like tourism, woven garments, knitted garments, wooden furniture and handicrafts.

Gems and jewellery is another trend setter for the Rajasthan job sector. Jaipur is a hub for colored stones and acts as one of the biggest manufacturing establishments of colored gemstones in the country. Jobs for the gem professionals who have an upper hand in cutting and polishing of diamond, silver and gold gems are available in Jaipur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner.

On Indian map, Rajasthan has emerged as a state with lots of more job vacancies and employment opportunities with more benefits and rewarding options irrespective of the verticals and industry segments. This is perhaps the reason why more and more people are relocating towards Rajasthan and the natives do not prefer to move out in job hunt.

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