Delhi the job hub of India

Published: 09th January 2012
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The capital city of the country is enriched with a number of job and business opportunities for the people across the world. It caters its services to the world’s top class multinational companies and hence produces significant number of Delhi jobs in India. There is hardly any field in the world, wherein you cannot find a job in Delhi. People from across the globe come to the city in search of jobs and earn a luxurious lifestyle for their family. From engineers to doctors, from MBA’s to MCA’s, from writers to philosophers, all have been able to badge a suitable place for themselves in the job hub of India. Being the centre of political activities, there are a number of political jobs in Delhi also. Al the parts of Delhi, whether its south, north, east or west, are filled with job opportunities and invites new talent to invest in the profits of the country.

Not only inside the city, the outskirts and the NCR’s of Delhi has abundance of working possibilities for the eligible candidate. Following is a brief description of the major fields, wherein a candidate can search for a job in Delhi or in Delhi NCR.

Educational jobs in Delhi:

Education as a field is growing with great speed in and outside the country. With the awareness of the need of education, qualification and degrees spreading across the globe, students are enrolling themselves for various new courses and looking out for better opportunities. Delhi jobs in India have a bulk of jobs for the teaching candidates, because of the presence of large number of education schools, colleges and institutes in the city. There are private as well as government educational organisations, which increase the chances of the candidates for grabbing a teacher jobs in Delhi.

IT jobs in Delhi:

Information Technology is one field, which has touched the skies and is even aiming for more heights. There are a number of institutes producing skilled labour in the field of IT, hence fulfilling the demands of the IT and software companies in India. Maximum number of IT minds working in the globe belongs to India, because of which considerable number of IT companies are investing in the country.

Medicine and pharmaceuticals jobs in Delhi:

Delhi jobs in India provide varied opportunities to candidates who want to make their career in the field of medicine. The presence of large number of medical institutes and Pharma companies present in Delhi, boasts for the fact, that there can never be a dearth of medical jobs in Delhi. Along with this, there are many research institutes, which employ medical professionals for further researches and studies in advanced fields.

Banking and finance jobs in Delhi:

Banking is the field, which maintains the smooth flow of cash in the economy, keeps records and ensures that there is no hindrance in the development of the country. From private to semi government to government, all types of banks are present in the city, extending finance and banking Delhi jobs in India to the deserving candidates. There are examinations held for different posts in the banking sector, which may vary from city level to state level. So, the candidate can apply for the job depending on his preferences and the city he wants to work in.

There are many other fields like marketing, advertising, Public relations, call centre jobs, journalistic and writing fields, administration and management, travel and tourism, hospitality, etc, which provides job opportunities to the people hailing from different walks of life.

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