Booming Healthcare Sector in India Creating Job Opportunities

Published: 09th July 2010
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Healthcare is one of the most important sectors for every country in the world and India is no different. Indian medical system is popular all around the world for setting new benchmarks in some of the most painstaking health areas. Healthcare jobs in India are among the most sought after ones these days owing to the huge potential and wide scope available in the field.

Indian medical system gives tough competition to some of the old, well established healthcare systems in the world. It is one of the largest sectors in terms of revenue and employment and is still growing at a tremendous pace. One of the growth drivers of Indian healthcare industry is its rapidly multiplying population, raising the need for improved medical services. As a result of the growth in population of children and elderly year by year, the healthcare infrastructure in India has advanced manifold. It has been setting benchmarks across various areas concerning health and diseases and carving a niche internationally. Such enormous expansion in the sector has helped in creating large number of healthcare jobs in India.

The booming Indian economy has led to large scale urbanization, thereby, expanding middle class population. This implies higher disposable incomes, resulting in an increased affordability to spend on healthcare facilities ultimately bolstering the medical sector. This is further given a boost with a considerable number of women entering the workforce across numerous industries. Thus, the increase in population in tandem with the growth in economy and rise in purchasing power has played an instrumental role in developing the medical sector. And as natural, no breakthrough in any sector can be achieved without the support of manpower. Therefore, with increase in healthcare jobs in India, the demand for medical professionals has gone up.

It is important to take a look at the figures to estimate the upcoming growth in the healthcare industry. This sector has witnessed a growth rate of nearly 10% in the last decade which can be compared to the sector growth rate of other economies like China, Mexico and Brazil. It is projected to grow 23% per annum to double its current estimated size of US$ 35 billion by 2012. There have been huge investments in the industry attracted by the drugs and pharmaceuticals sector, the hospitals and diagnostic centers, public and private clinics and others. Along with medical infrastructure, other sectors like medical tourism and medical insurance have also grown. Other areas that hold immense potential include medical equipment industry, medical textiles industry, clinical trials and health services outsourcing sector.

The gargantuan scope for expansion of Indian medical care has created thousands of job opportunities for aspiring medical practitioners. The diverse career options are available not only in private but public sector also owing to the government's initiative to provide quality healthcare. The government is promoting this through various missions and schemes for rural as well as urban health development. It is getting ready to increase expenditure on medical facilities and to promote domestic manufacturing of medical devices. In addition to this, it is allocating crores of rupees to upgrade both upcoming and existing Government medical colleges. This is sure to create medical jobs of different nature and expertise in the country. Professionals in dental, surgical, fitness, nursing, medical and other areas are in huge demand in India. This is one of the chief reasons why government is focusing at increasing the number of medical colleges. It is important to train more and more healthcare professionals to cater to the growing demand. Healthcare jobs in India are growing at a speedy pace and will continue to do so in coming years.

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