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Published: 21st September 2010
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The employment sector in India is opening up to new fields and therefore producing more job opportunities for the job seekers.

Many new sectors and industries are opened up to provide Jobs in India, which requires professionals from the respective field. Every industry has something new to introduce to the audience everyday. Researches are done in every field, which brings something or the other new to sustain the interest of the common man in the respective product or brand. A new field which has started grabbing the attention of the students to opt it as their career option is Biotechnology. This is a new division in the field of medicine, which require its practitioners to have knowledge of physics, chemistry and mathematics other than being a student of medicine. The Biotech Jobs in India are growing with the advancements in the field of microbiology, genetics, medicine, biochemistry, medicine, etc.

This is basically a research oriented field, where the employees are made to work on the improvements for the human race and all the living beings. Here the cells or the tissues of living beings are used to know more about them and have in depth knowledge about the hybridisation, or the cloning of the human beings or the other living beings. Almost all the parts of the country have jobs in the field of biotechnology. The candidates applying for the jobs in biotechnology need to have the corresponding education. There are many courses available in the colleges of India at post graduate level, while some colleges have also started with the undergraduate courses in biotechnology.

Following are the job prospects, which a biotechnology student can choose, after completing his education in the respective field:

1.) Environment control

2.) Energy

3.) Drug and pharmaceutical research

4.) Chemicals

5.) Bio- processing and food processing industries

6.) Waste management

7.) Public funded laboratories

Working in the research departments of the applied sciences, and doing new discoveries on the products, which can be utilised by the human beings to produce better output and make the best use of the researches made. Marketing Jobs in biotechnology is another area, where the students hailing from the field of biotechnology can apply for the jobs. There are government as well as private jobs in this sector. The remunerations paid in the field of biotechnology are quite satisfactory and candidates from the starting only can earn a handsome income.

For applying into the jobs in the field of biotechnology, a candidate can search jobs on the internet or directly email their resumes to the concerned companies. All the major pharmaceutical companies in India and abroad have their research centres, which provide employment to a large number of people. The need for development and people demanding more of technology growth leads to the utilisation of the talent in the field of biotechnology. Clinical research is another sector, where these biotechnologies can find a flourishing career.

Following is a list of few of the top biotechnology companies, in which the applicants can apply for the job:

1.) Sisco Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

2.) Amersham Pharmacia Biotech Asia Pacific Ltd., Chennai

3.) Biotech Consortium India Limited, New Delhi

4.) Hi Tech Bio Laboratories, Pune

5.) All India Biotech Association (AIBA), New Delhi

6.) Excel Industries Limited, Mumbai

7.) Aristo Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Mumbai

8.) Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology, Kerala (RGCB)

9.) BrainWave Bioinformatics Ltd., Chennai

Cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad have the major number of biotechnology companies, employing major chunk of the applicants in this sector. Therefore, after having full- fledged education in the biotechnology field, one can surely have a successful career in this field.

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